Top 3 Sports Events with the Most Bets

Top 3 Sports Events with the Most Bets

Certain sports events like Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, and Kentucky Derby have witnessed record betting and popularity. These are the most widely followed sporting events in the world.

With every year passing by, the sports betting industry is gaining popularity. It also gives much viewership to games or events that are not popular among viewers. There are many games or matches where regular bets are placed. However, the real thrill of sports wagering comes in special sports events.

This article pens down the top three most popular sports events, which receive the record number of bets and viewership. Tuned with us throughout the entire article and know the insights of the sports wagering market.

Super Bowl

It is no surprise to see the Super Bowl among the most popular sports betting events. After football, it is the most followed sports event in the US. Moreover, it holds the six most viewed sports events, namely Super Bowl XLIX, Super Bowl XLVIII, Super Bowl 50, Super Bowl XLVI, Super Bowl LI, and Super Bowl XLV. With this event, you will get plenty of gambling options. You can bet on a total point, normal Moneyline, spread, and player prop wagers. As millions of netizens view it, there are a lot of bets on this event. Moreover, Super Bowl LV will be a massive hit in the wagering industry. Hence, this event proves that football isn’t the most popular sports betting event in the US, as Super Bowl stole the show.

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FIFA World Cup

We are sure that you have heard of the FIFA Worldcup, the most popular sports event globally. The main reason for such colossal popularity is that most countries have football leagues. For example, England has the Premier League, Spain has the LaLiga, etc. There are several leagues throughout the world, but none can rival the excitement around the FIFA World Cup, the world’s largest football tournament. It is so because people will support different teams of their choice in a league.

In contrast, the whole nation will support their country in the World Cup. It led to a massive spectator of this event. Over the years, the event’s viewership drastically increased and has an estimated viewership of 3-4 billion.

According to a report, the gambling industry profited around billions of dollars during the last World Cup. On a single match, nearly $2 billion were wagered, and it went to around $8 billion in the final.

Kentucky Derby

Recently, Horse Riding is not a mainstream sport. Still, people tend to watch this sport or rather the Kentucky Derby with great enthusiasm and enjoyment. In the first leg of the triple crown, the Kentucky Derby, 20 of the top three-year-old horses compete. Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, will host the event.

Last year, the event got the highest viewership of around 14.4 billion people. Amidst lockdown, it still managed to have $250.9 million wagers. Interestingly, this event earns more profit from in-game gamblers than from online casinos.


In conclusion, these sports events witnessed the highest-grossing bets and still witness an increase every organizing year. There is no doubt that people of the US like these events and love to wager on them. These events have helped the betting industry flourish more and will more in the upcoming years.


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