Casino VIP Programs for Regular Players and High Rollers

Casino VIP Programs for Regular Players and High Rollers

Casinos offer a wide range of perks to regular and high stake players, including discounts, free accommodation, and access to exclusive events.

Casino games come in different varieties, from poker, roulette, and baccarat to craps, bingo, and scratch tickets. In addition to a choice of games, mobile, online, and land casinos offer a selection of bonuses, rewards, and amenities to customers who join their VIP or loyalty programs. The large spectrum of rewards that you can get includes freebies, cash to play different games, discounts, and more.

VIP Rewards for Regular Players

The types of rewards available to VIP members range from gifts and exclusive offers to free spins and points that can be exchanged for real money. Some casinos also offer annual rewards in the form of complimentary birthday dinner and spa credit, complimentary round of golf and nightclub entry for two, discounted or free hotel accommodation, and birthday free credit.

There are also gaming benefits to enjoy all year long, including personal casino hosts, priority slot service, bonuses on slot points, and priority access to promotions and special events.  Additionally, loyalty program members benefit from invitations to tournaments, comp dollars, and free credit.

Resort-based casinos offer additional benefits such as preferred restaurant reservations, contactless hotel check-in, and exclusive family and friends offers. The range of hotel benefits also includes priority valet service, VIP check-in, room upgrades, and complimentary airport transportation.

Many casinos offer tier credits which are based on length of play and game of choice. Credit can be earned on table games, video poker machines, and reel slots and typically accumulates within a calendar year. The system tracks gamblers’ play any time they use their rewards card, either handing it to the dealer or inserting it into the slots machine. Players are responsible for ensuring that their tier credits are tracked.

As there are hundreds of online casinos offering freebies and rewards, it can be difficult and time-consuming to compare their offerings. One option is to check casino review websites like BetHap or askgamblers to find more about different casinos, their game selection, and the rewards they offer.

VIP Rewards for High Stake Players

High rollers enjoy a wide selection of exclusive rewards such as limo rides, exotic holidays, cruise packages, and plenty more. High stake players are offered designated concierge and parking services and a dedicated host. Among the many benefits that whales enjoy are generous cash back rewards, private rooms to host parties, and access to high-stakes versions of standard games.

As high rollers bet big, they are offered exclusive benefits like expensive liquor, access to the best diners, front-row show tickets, and VIP nightclub tables. Finally, loss rebates are a common perk that casinos offer to high stake players to compensate for some of their losses. They usually enjoy larger rebates than regular players and are often invited to exclusive slots, poker, and blackjack tournaments where they have the chance to compete against other wealthy players.


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