Gambling: Hands of Rummy

Gambling: Hands of Rummy

Gambling is how people gain and lose money. In is done through many types of sports and games. Play card games are one of the major media through which gambling is done. Poker is one form of game played by playing cards. In this game, users have to collect the cards in their hands. In the article, we will talk about different sides of poker hand their Ranking.


Whole poker games depend on the different values of the hands you have made. There are ten types of hands. We will discuss each of them one by one. The lowest one in the category is High card.

High card

If all the groups of your cards have no specific sequence, pair or same suit, they would be called the High card. In these cases, the value of the while cards group will be evaluated on the basis of the top numbered cards in the group.

One pair

In this combination of cards, there will tap the same number of cards of different suites. Like one pair of diamond and heart kings, one pair of spade and heart tens, etc.

Two pairs

The rank of the two pairs is higher than one pair and high rank. The example is among four cards, two will be kings of different suits, and two will be nine of different suits.

Three of a kind

In this kind of hands, three out of four or five cards will be the same value as three fives of different suits or three Aces of different suits.


In this hands of cards all the three, four or five cards will be in proper sequence made by different suits. For example, 3,4,5,6 and King, Queen, Jack, ten etc.


In this case, all the three, four of five cards will be of the same suit,  without any proper sequence. Example 6,8, king, Jack, 2 of club.

Full house

In this set of five cards, three will of the same value of different suits and two will be the same.

Four of a kind

In this type of hands, four cards of the set of five or four cards will be the same value of all different suits. For example, four jacks of heart, diamond, club, and spade.

Straight Flush

In this case, all three, four or five cards will come in sequence and from the same suits.

Royal Flush

This is the highest rank hand of all. In this combination of all five cards of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten from the same suit.


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