Do you still believe in these poker lies?

Do you still believe in these poker lies?

Let’s make a test and find out if you believe in these poker likes about pokerclub88. See some of the most common delusions specifically about this card game.

A poker player can think smart and react in time. A poker player can analyze and make a good research to sort out the good providers like pokerclub88 from the scams. A poker player is ok to bluff and knows how to lie, because sometimes, it’s necessary.

However, a poker player is a human no matter how much he can win in an hour or two. This is why all poker players are at risk to be deceived. They can even believe in numerous lies that concern poker activity.

So, let’s make a test. Do you personally still believe in these poker lies, guys?

  • All online poker platforms are rigged. It’s one thing to believe in some misconceptions about poker game. However, it’s a completely different thing to get the conspiracy theory that internet poker providers are all scam and they will get your money. What about those numerous rich people who were near to poverty before starting gambling online?
  • Ground poker rooms are 24/7 oxygenated in order to keep awake, respectively to keep you at your table seat. Are you kidding me? As a matter of fact, casinos go through some of the deepest and toughest inspections by many agencies. And what’s even more crucial is that the worst sanctions are made particularly to the casino owners.
  • You are not allowed to count cards. This is something we got used to believe as a rule mainly because of the gambling-related Hollywood movies. In this movies we, though, watch the stories of characters that in 90% of the cases play poker or other card game illegally in private clubs. In these clubs, as you know (we actually hope you don’t know) there are rules that don’t matter in real casinos. And usually, they don’t like great mathematicians who can count the cards while playing.
  • Poker is nothing else, but a game of skills. The good thing about this lie is that it’s contrary to the misconception about luck as the top factor in a poker win. However, believing that you are on mandatory going to win if you have amazing skills and talents is also very risky. First of all, note that poker requires two types of skills – gambling and soft skills like self-control and discipline, for instance. Second of all, you cannot count on how amazing you are because you just don’t know how amazing each poker player from all around the globe is.
  • The fine flops are dealt aiming to set the gamblers up. This is one of the worst lies about poker. It’s because the lie finds a lot of reasonable explanations. Moreover – this misconception has been actually a philosophy to numerous poker players till these days. The think is that we can only hope that players will consider it as a cheap conspiracy theory, because proves to contrary the myth are not quite reasonable at all.

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