The most popular poker trends in 2020

The most popular poker trends in 2020

See the top common situs poker trends for the 2020. Read whether the poker leaders’ plans were ruined or happened despite of coronavirus.

There were plenty of predictions in the late 2019 year about poker games. Most of them, of course, were related with online poker games and providers. But who would know that this year is not going to be like any other? A year that is not influenced by trends and predictions, but which goes on its own way with so many unknown quantities!

Although 2020 was indeed (and still is) a crazy year, some of the trends made during the last winter days of the previous year appeared to happen. Meanwhile, a lot of new trends we could not predict landed situs poker market. Today, we will discuss the top popular poker trends in 2020 as a whole. Let’s see which predictions happened and which appeared as new ones:

  1. The continuation of the mobile gambling rise – checked. By all means, people play casino games via tablets and mobile phones more rather than in the previous year. However, the predictions were more massive. The reason why there was a slow delay in the rise of mobile poker games is of course, the Covid-19 that removed the necessity of playing on the go. Because there was a solid time we were stuck at one place, our homes.
  2. The sudden rise of the interest in the video poker games – checked. There are no surprises regarding this trend. It is obvious that video poker products are more popular than ever before. Hence, the first predictions for the next 2021st year is that this interest is not going to increase. Video poker games engage fast, but not for such a long time as a regular poker table cash game or a tournament.
  3. More online accounts registered – checked. It is the trend that has happened due to the long-lasting isolation in the coronavirus outbreak. The truth is that online casinos did expect some rise of the number of registered accounts. However, they were definitely not ready for such a massive switching from offline to online environment by so many players. As a result of this, many companies started their job in satisfying some new customer needs or at least to develop such mechanisms. We are talking about the set of needs a traditional offline player’s needs in a new online environment.
  4. Virtual reality in more poker games – checked. We have expected these games to appear this year, but unfortunately it’s still only in a talk phase. The first releases, though, as well as the teasers with products we might see coming in the next year are giving us hope that soon we will play more and more virtual reality poker games, including cash games.

In all cases, trends this year have been affected by the events that shook the entire world. But we see that poker plans made by so many leading companies still reached some satisfying level.


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